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Building blocks for life – a success story: Fischertechnik for 50 years!

Building blocks for life – a success story: Fischertechnik for 50 years!

Our building block system satisfies many educational requirements on its own – without any additional aids or special instructions. Fischertechnik teaches basic technical understanding and develops:

  • eye/hand coordination

  • coarse and fine motor skills

  • spatial imagination capabilities

  • fantasy and creativity

  • logical thinking capacity

  • basic understanding of technology

Fischertechnik is an educational toy “Made in Germany” produced in Waldachtal in the Black Forest. All construction sets can be ideally combined with one another. The high acceptance by parents, teachers and engineers has made Fischertechnik one of the most successful educational aids in schools and universities.

The basis of the system is a building block which allows attachment and expansion on all six sides with whatever you want: angular blocks, structural parts, numerous electronic components such as sensors and motors. It has even been possible to control the models with a computer for over 30 years. The fischertechnik line consists of approx. 40 construction sets and supplementary sets.

Fischertechnik was invented by Professor Artur Fischer and was actually intended as a Christmas present for his children and business partners. Fischertechnik experienced its official Premiere on the second public German television channel during the 1965 Christmas season: The inventor donated the first 1,000 construction sets to a charity called "Aktion Sorgenkind" ("Campaign for children with problems").

In the following spring, Fischertechnik was presented to toy stores – beginning the success story of one of today’s most unique construction set systems. For this success it was distinguished as "Best toy 1966", in 1970 it received the "Oscar du Jouet" in France and was selected as "Game of the year 1976" in Holland. In 2010, Fischertechnik construction sets were nominated for the “Golden rocking horse” for the third time in sequence – this is one of the most coveted German consumer prizes.

For some time, Fischertechnik construction sets have been sold around the world and their use is not limited to children’s rooms alone. Today, the Fischertechnik Fan Club has more than 30,000 members worldwide. Fischertechnik is also used for development and simulation at schools, universities and in development offices. Many started their career as an engineer with just such construction sets.


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